We at the Lost Ball Company want to bring to life the vision of two average golfers who not only love the game but embrace the struggle that comes with it. Combining the classiness of golf with the ever changing trends of the modern age, we are building a company that is dedicated to the weekend warriors who, like many, lose their golf balls all too often!

Keeping with the theme of different tee boxes based on experience and skill, the Lost Ball Club will offer different membership packages to fit your golfing aspirations and level of dedication. The LBC Clubhouse will offer first access to exclusive golf apparel and accessories only available to Club Members, as well as store-wide discounts and future rewards that will come as we grow. This virtual "country club" will allow Lost Ball Club members to be a part of a prestigious group that helps us to continue to build the most relatable brand in golf and, ultimately, save money on stylish LBC apparel along the way.



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