The Most Relatable Brand in Golf ™

The Lost Ball Company was founded by two lifelong friends living in Northern California.  The idea sparked one afternoon while playing a round in the beautiful Wine Country.  In the middle of the round, one of the guys was having trouble finding his ball in the rough after an errant tee shot and said to himself, "I ought to start a lost ball club!"

And like that, the idea was born. What's more relatable to a golfer than having trouble finding the ball you just hit and watched soar in a direction you weren’t intending?  In that spirit, a company was created that could share a common theme, for golfers who love the game and desire to be great but don't always hit it straight.

The founders want to bring their vision and love for the game to every person who feels the same way about this wonderfully frustrating sport. Join them, and countless others, on the hunt for that ultimate satisfaction from the course that always seems to remain elusive...and search for a few golf balls along the way. There's a reason this is the most relatable brand in golf.

Together We Can!